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Decentralised Finance

Learn more about how $FRONT incentivizes DeFi by Liquidity provision, Gas-less transactions, NFT acquisition & creation, & more..

About Frontier

Frontier is a Crypto & DeFi, NFT wallet where you can send, store & invest in 4,000+ crypto assets. Earn passive income on your crypto by staking or suppling assets in DeFi apps and explore web 3.0 from a single place.

Frontier Utilities

Gasless Transactions

$FRONT will subsidize gas fees on transactions made within the Frontier Suite of applications. Locking $FRONT in Frontier Vault will create eligibility for access to free and near-free transactions.

Frontier Incentiviza-tion Protocol

The suite of Frontier applications will contain a new incentivization layer in which users will gain eligibility for rewards in the form of $FRONT based on how much native app activity they perform.


Frontier will use $FRONT to bootstrap liquidity for various decentralized protocols and platforms. Users will also be able to provide liquidity to pools using $FRONT and receive yield.

Deflation via Integration

Frontier will require that a portion of proceeds from grant and fee-based B2B integrations be collected via $FRONT. The more integrations that we release, the stronger the value accrual for $FRONT.

NFT Acquisition & Creation

Frontier will allow content creators, blockchain companies, and other industry leaders to acquire and issue non-fungible tokens natively. $FRONT will be the preferred form of payment available for token issuance, transfer, and destruction.


Frontier will develop a referral system that incentivizes users to bring their friends into DeFi. Community campaigns will also involve distributing $FRONT to members who have demonstrated a strong desire to help improve our ecosystem.

More in Mind

We're currently designing a few other essential utilities for $FRONT.

  • Discounted CeFi Onramping
  • $FRONT Collateralized Borrowing
  • Social Gamification
  • Unifront API Access and Unlocks

Economic Model

We designed $FRONT for immediate, mid-term, and long-term value capture. Seed commits to long-term strategic partnerships and project growth entering the 2021 year. Private commits to mid-term value capture through liquidity provision

private importance to our market awareness, and public involvement in our success. We believe that $FRONT’s value capture and market positioning will make all rounds pleased. View team burn.

$FRONT Audits

As of September 9th, 2020 we are Quantstamp verified. As of September 11th, 2020 we have a CertiK Very High Confidence security level.

Both Quantstamp and CertiK, two of the most prominent leaders in blockchain security and infrastructure, audited the smart contracts for $FRONT. We fixed all high-level issues and acknowledged that $FRONT's smart contract contains the Centralization of Power ("COP").

Smart contracts often have owner variables to designate an entity with special privileges to make modifications to a smart contract; however, COP needs to be made clear to users, mostly depending on the freedom that a contract allows an owner (i.e., Vesting).

In the $FRONT token case, its owner is a multi-sig Gnosis-based wallet that relies on multiple signers to agree upon all transactions. In short, sudden changes to token vesting or malicious acts by a single actor are impossible. Read more in the following two audit reports below.