• What is Frontier?

    Not your regular average joe wallet. A unified wallet to track all your decentralised finance activities at one place, without giving your private keys. Manage Compound Finance, Maker, UniSwap, NUO, Erc20 transactions, Set Protocol etc. using Frontier

  • What are the Pre-Requisites to use Frontier?

    You need an ethereum addresses, holding any of the ERC2O tokens or an open position with decentralised finance protocols.

    A Ethereum address, which has ETH or ERC20 Tokens or an open position with decentralised finance protocols.

  • What are these Rich DeFi Notifications?

    Frontier provides Rich DeFi Notifications such as Anti CDP Liquidation alert, Stability fees changes, Set rebalancing, and Incoming & Outgoing Transactions.

    We'll keep on adding more Rich DeFi Notifications as we add more protocols.

  • How to get started?

    You just need to enter your Ethereum/Web 3 address/es associated with Decentralised Finance Protocols, and voila, you can track all of them using Frontier.

  • What all DeFi Protocols does Frontier support?

    Currently, Frontier supports MakerDAO, Compound Finance, Uniswap, Set Protocol, dYdX, and Nuo Network.

    More Protocols support coming soon....

  • What are our Fees?

    Currently we do not charge any fees, we want to ease decentralised finance experience for our users.

  • Is Frontier available in my geo-location?

    The nature of Decentralised Finance makes it accessible globally, therefore you can use frontier from any place in the world.

Have any queries info@frontierwallet.com