DeFi - Simple, Safe and Mobile

One app to manage your DeFi positions without giving away your private keys.

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  • Maker
  • Compound
  • Uniswap Uniswap
  • dydx
  • bzx
  • Synthetix
  • Set
  • nuo nuo logo
Multiple wallet screen

Add Multiple Wallets

Track all your addresses, open positions and wallets, associated with DeFi and ERC2O, without giving away your private keys.

Unified view screen


Get instant exposure across multiple DeFi protocols through native Defizap integration.

Transaction detail screen


Get a detailed view of all your incoming and outgoing transactions


Feature 01

Track Best DeFi protocols

We support Maker, Compound, Nuo, Set, Dy/Dx, Uniswap and more.

Feature 02

Smarter DeFi Notifications

CDP liquidation alert, Incoming and Outgoing transactions of your address, Balance Changes.

Feature 03

Uniquely Safe and Private

We connect to your existing defi wallets in a very novel and secure way.

why Frontier image

Why Frontier?

DeFi is exploding, and it has emerged as one of the strong use case of blockchain based applications, currently with more than 20+ platforms providing financial services for cryptocurrencies, the DeFi ecosystem is facing a fragmentation problem, where users have to manage multiple addresses on multiple platforms, to access their assets and data, they have to navigate to these platforms individually.

What problem does frontier solves?

Frontier Wallet will tie in all of your wallets into one integrated view without ever asking for your private key. We promise to take you to new Frontier - Where no man has gone before

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